Open source can be profitable!

Earn money for making free software


Register and get posted about new tasks with the best budget.

Owners of open source projects registered on our platform receive 20% from all payments toward their projects

Register your GitHub project

Register your project with links to the open repository. With our crowdfunding model, you’ll receive money for project updates and adding new functionalities. Here’s a bonus; you’ll even receive 20% of the funds when other developers complete your project tasks.

Discover new projects

Help others and do what you do best by developing new software! Joining a project as one of the first developers on the team, you’ll become a co-owner. As a co-owner, you’ll share in future, recurring income from the project!

Why this is cool?

  • You can build a passive income
  • You can build your reputation as an open-source developer
  • You can get your own project funded

How does it work?

  • Register your new or existing open source project
  • Any user can create tasks for the project
  • Tasks are published as development challenges and get crowd funded by users

How one can earn money by participating in developer challenges?

Find an open task you’d like to complete. Publish results of your work as a fork or a pull request or a new project and submit a link on it in the task discussion thread. When users select your solution as best for the task, you automatically receive a payment in tokens on your wallet. You can sell back the tokens to OpenGift or exchange them for common currencies.

Why we are doing it?

We believe there is no point in hiding a source code in a modern world.

Code is a commodity, it rapidly become outdated and rotten, only work of programmers gives it a value. And it becomes more valuable when more people can use, test and improve it. That’s why everything developers create on our platform is free for use but all development is commercial.

In the same time, we believe that skilled developers should earn significant money for their work. That’s why we enabled users to crowd fund software development tasks.

Welcome to our community of developers!